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We offer a full array of activities including crafts, games, sports, book groups, dining experiences and educational and volunteer opportunities.  Activities for women, men, singles and couples which are held at various times during the week and weekends.  There's something for everyone!
Whether you’re looking to meet new people, try something new, or simply engage in something you know and love, you will find it here.  Are there any activities currently not offered that you’d be interested in?  Do you have a passion for a particular activity that you’d like to share with other members?  If so, you may wish to consider starting a new activity group.  It’s easy and it’s fun!                                                                              Questions?  Contact Debbie Orozco at

           Please check the activity calendar for the latest information on when and where activities are meeting.  Schedules may fluctuate.

Activity Coordinators 2021

NNNC Group Leaders 8/21

Book Groups

Our Book Groups are very popular! NNNC offers various book groups that hold their meetings on different days and times throughout the month. Depending on your schedule and taste of reading material you will surely find one group that meets your needs. Please see the current Event Calendar on our website or the button on this page for contact information.
  • Bookworms – Linda Griffith: We generally meet at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of the month. We meet at different members homes to discuss our chosen book after a brief chat.
  • Cloak and Dagger Book Group – Kathy Swain: We meet once a month at Compass Cafe to discuss a mystery novel.
  • First Tuesday Book Group – Jan Strom, Debbie Anderson-Blomquist: We generally meet at 12:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month. We meet at different members homes to discuss our chosen book.
  • Fourth Tuesday Book Club – Alyssa Keane: We generally meet at 10:30 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of the month. We usually spend a short time chatting and catching up over some light snacks before we begin our discussion.
  • Overflow Book Group – Rachel Melville: We meet once per month from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. We enjoy light refreshment and interesting conversation as we discuss our monthly book selection.



If Games are your passion, you’ve come to the right place. We have groups for singles and couples, and we meet either at member’s homes or in restaurants. Please refer to the Event Calendar or button on this page for contact information.


  • Fourth Wednesday Rusty Duplicate BridgeCarol Showalter:  We meet on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1310 Shepherd Dr., Naperville, from 9:45 am-approx. 2:30 pm Bring a lunch or order lunch.
  • Double Tree Bridge - Carol Showalter
  • Bunco Babes – Sandy Pollastrini:  We usually meet one Wednesday a month in the evening. We meet at members’ homes and no skill is required to join the fun.
  • Pinochle  Lenore Chemers, Shirley Kaczanowski.  We meet the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month, depending on our numbers.  I email my group prior to each play date and, with the responses I receive, then notify the group with the final count.  We meet for lunch at 11:30 at a local restaurant (the same for both days) and then begin play around 12:30.  Lunch is optional so please feel free to join us at 12:30 if you are unable to make it for 11:30 lunch.    
  • ScrabbleNina Betts:  We usually meet the first Monday of the month at 1:00 p.m.
  • Puzzle Swap –  Sandy Pollastrini:  We generally meet every other month, on the second Friday, to swap gently used jigsaw puzzles.
  • King's Crown Solitaire Group-  A virtual activity group that will alternate afternoons and evenings twice a month. Registration is required for the Zoom Invite. 
  • Canasta -Mary Jo Lennon (Jan Strom co lead), restart in July.
  • Euchre - Alice Gilmore
  • Pickleball - Chris Mucha. Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the USA, is now a regular NNNC activity!  Chris Mucha will be the Activity Leader and she is also looking for a co-chair.  Please contact her if you are interested.
    While the weather is still nice, the group will play outdoors at various courts in the area at no cost.  Chris will be looking into some indoor options starting sometime in Fall.
    If you would like to participate, simply download the free "GroupMe" app on your phone.  Once completed, please notify Chris and she will then add you to the NNNC "GroupMe" Pickleball group.  The members of this group will then be able to communicate and this is where dates, times & location of play will be posted.

    Please contact Chris Mucha at or 630-308-2871.


Creating beautiful fine art pieces and unique craft items is a fabulous way of self-expression. Learn new skills or share your expertise with other members. Please refer to the Event Calendar or button on this page for contact info.
  • Chat and Stitch – Marie Riley: We generally meet on the second Friday of the month in the morning. We enjoy lively conversation while working on stitching projects.
  • Quilting Group – Nicky Vincent: We generally meet at 9:30 a.m. on the first Thursday of the month. We meet at members homes to share our projects, help each other and learn new quilting techniques.


We have several groups that involve food. So if you enjoy cooking, eating or just spending a couple hours chatting with a fun group of people these activities are for you! Please refer to the Event Calendar or button on this page for contact information.
  • Breakfast Bunch – Carol Anne Kacz: Breakfast Bunch generally meets the first Friday of the month at a local restaurant to enjoy breakfast and conversation. See the Event Calendar for the location of the month.
  • Let’s Do Lunch – Sue Maloney:  We meet once a month, usually the first Thursday of the month, at a local restaurant to enjoy a meal and conversation. Please see the Event Calendar for current information.
  • T.G.I.F. Social – Marlene Miller, Jackie Doran: We meet one Friday a month after 6:30 p.m. We enjoy friendly chat, cocktails and appetizers. Bring a plate of hot or cold munchies to share and BYOB. See the Event Calendar for this months location.
  • Mix and Mingle – Deb Orozco:  An opportunity to meet other members, share time with friends and enjoy cocktails and/or appetizers in a relaxed “happy hour” type atmosphere. We generally meet every other month, typically Wednesday, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at different venues. Come alone or with your spouse. Be sure to check the event calendar for details. Contact: Deb Orozco at
  • Coffee Excursion – Kathy Pettit: Coffee Excursions will meet monthly at different coffee shops throughout our area for refreshments and conversation and then follow up with some exploration of that local area.
  • Daytime Potluck - Carolyn Klein:  We meet one Thursday a month at a member’s home. We bring a dish to share, it can be either homemade or store bought. We enjoy good food and conversation, and share recipes for our dishes. See the Event Calendar for more information.
  • Evening Potluck - Looking for a chair:  Evening Potluck meets one evening a month at a member’s home, usually a Saturday. Guests bring a dish and their choice of beverage. See the Event Calendar for date, time and location.
  • Monthly Luncheon - Anne Henriksen

Community Service

As a service oriented club, we love giving back to our community and helping others by volunteering our time and talents. It’s so rewarding and it’s fun too. Please refer to the Event Calendar and button on this page for contact info.
  • Vera’s “Wrapped in Love” Blankets - Val Blankley: We lovingly make “no sew” blankets for Edwards Cancer Center as well as “Camp Hope” kids. This camp is for kids 6-12 who have a loved one with cancer. If you can tie a knot you will be able to make these blankets. We usually meet the second Monday of the month at 10:00 a.m.
  • S.E.R.V.E. – Karen Healy: Special Events Requesting Volunteer Engagement.  Events include Santa's Closet for Bridge Communities/Families Helping Families, Loaves and Fishes projects, League of Women Voters letters, coat drives, 360 Prom and more!
  • Helping Hands – Elizabeth Riordan, Barb Carpenter and Roxanne Melson: Members enjoy volunteering and participating in monthly service activities at a location associated with the non-profit organizations supported by the NNNC. The volunteer activities range from volunteering at Feed My Starving Children to planting flowers for FHF, or assisting with a shopping day at Loaves and Fishes. All opportunities are valuable and rewarding.
  • Baker’s Guild – Carolyn Klein: This group makes homemade goodies for NNNC charity events as well as the NNNC fundraiser in the Spring. They also bake for 360 Youth Services for those who have never experienced a birthday cake!


Learn new skills to improve the mind, and get to know our vibrant area while getting some exercise. Outdoor groups meet when the weather cooperates. We’re open to new suggestions, too! Please refer to the Event Calendar and button on this page for contact info.
  • Alley Cats – Joanne Crowley, Michele Marko: Please join us for a fun filled afternoon. No matter what your level of bowling, you are guaranteed a good time! We bowl most Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. Please contact one of the activity chairs if you would like to join this fun group of great ladies.
  • Investment Discussion Group – Jennifer Lymangood:  We usually meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. We meet at my office conference room. Our focus is on learning what it takes to become financially independent.
  • Know and Tell – Margaret Rusch, Angeline Finnigan and Abby Adams:  The Know and Tell Group meets the third Wednesday of the month. We give our speakers and/or members the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience or passion on a subject of their choosing. It is usually presented in a panel discussion format or with a presentation that allows questions to follow. Please come share and learn from our amazing group of members that make up a treasure chest of uniqueness.  This group will start in September from 1:30-3:00 p.m.
  • Walkers – Carolyn Klein:  We generally meet on the third Monday of the month at 9:30 a.m. We enjoy a walk at a local walking path of forest preserve while we chat. If you enjoy nature and love walking outdoors, join our walking group. Bring a camera if you would like to capture the beautiful scenes that our walking group will encounter during our monthly nature walks.


The NNNC Men’s Group has grown from start-up to over sixty members in just a few years. In addition to our monthly dinners, we also have a Book Club, a Brewery and Distillery Tour group, and Fair-Weather Bike group.
  • Men’s Group Dinner – The Men’s Group dinner meets on the third Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m.. These dinners are a great place to get to know other group members in a relaxed atmosphere. We meet at local restaurants where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company along with Burgers, Brews, and Conversation. Contact: Bob Sturges 
  • Men’s Book Group – Our Men’s Book Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 3:00 p.m. to discuss a book selected by one of the group’s members. We usually meet in a member’s home but sometimes get together at a local restaurant. Some guys read every book and attend every meeting but many pick the books that they enjoy and come when they can. We’ve enjoyed a range of topics and genres but mostly focus on non-fiction. Discussions are typically lively and always seem to lead to interesting stories of personal experiences or interests. Books are selected months in advance so there’s always enough time to finish them before the meeting. Contact: Dan Henriksen at
  • Men’s Fair-Weather Bike Group – This group could also be described as Guys on Bikes Getting Coffee, and sometimes beer. We ride from five to fifteen miles on local paths, some are paved, some are crushed limestone, all lead to a casual spot to get coffee or lunch, and sometimes a beer at the end of the ride. Watch the Event Calendar for information when the weather warms up. Contact: Jeff Wagoner –
  •  Men’s Food, Brewed, and Distilled – The Men’s Food, Brewed, and Distilled group gets together to visit and tour local breweries and distilleries. It’s not limited to men as couples participate in many of the tours and tastings. Watch the Event Calendar for upcoming tours.  Bob Sturges at


  • NNNC Ed TalksJulie Gilbert: The goal is to present 2-3 talks this year. Each Talk will feature multiple speakers, presenting approximately 20 -30 minutes per speaker. The Talks will start at 6:30 p.m, and will offer light refreshments along with time for conversation and fellowship.
  • Fundraising Events:  Special Events Chair -  Kathy Pettit - Dinner Dance 2/22, Holiday Party, 12/21, Craft Fair TBD